Converting to other formats

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Converting to other formats

RadioBOSS has a built-in audio converter designed to help converting files to other audio formats and rip audio CD disks.


To convert a file to a new format, follow the steps below:


1. In the Playlist window right-click a file.


2. In the right-click menu select Tools -> Convert...




The Converter window appears. Now it is necessary to configure the output settings, including the output folder and codec. The output folder is a directory on the hard disk drive where converted tracks are saved and stored.




3. Select the output folder and codec.


The Codec menu lets the user select the codec with a desired bitrate.




Now it is necessary to save the selected settings.


4. Click OK


The encoding process will start. The user can see the progress bar that shows the encoding process.




Once encoding is over, the encoded file can be found in the selected output folder.


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