Hot Keys

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Hot Keys

To open settings hot keys click Settings -> Hot keys.



If you want to change any of the hot keys, click on the image of the key and select the characters you would like to use.


Additional hot keys:

Ctrl+E start or stop broadcasting.


Ctrl+Shift+Number (0..9) - set track rating (1-9 - set rating 1 to 9 respectively, 0 - set rating 10). If Ctrl+Shift+0 doesn't work, then the key should be unassigned in Windows control panel:


1. In the control panel, click Language. This brings up the "Language" panel.

2. Choose "Advanced Settings" in the left area. This brings up the "Advanced Settings" panel.

3. Choose "Change language bar hot keys" in the left area. This brings up the "Text Services & Input Language" panel.

4. You will see Shift-Ctrl-0 as the binding for "Between input languages". Select that item and click the "Change Key Sequence" button. This brings up the "Change Key Sequence" panel.

5. Set both radio buttons to "Not Assigned" and click OK.