License agreement

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License agreement

End-User Licence Agreement for RadioBoss


This licence states the terms and conditions upon which THE SOFTWARE is licensed to you. By using or attempting to use THE SOFTWARE‘s installation disc, you are agreeing to become bound by the terms of this Licence. If you do not agree to these terms, return the entire contents of the software package intact and unused to your supplier.


1. Definitions


‘THE DEVELOPER’ means djSoftware. ‘THE SOFTWARE’ means RadioBoss. ‘THE DOCUMENTATION’ means the RadioBoss manual and test pages.


2. Licence


THE DEVELOPER grants you a personal non-transferable non-exclusive licence, as follows:


(a) You may install and use a single copy of THE SOFTWARE on one stand-alone computer system, and will ensure that THE SOFTWARE is not installed or used on more than one stand-alone computer system at a time.


(b) You will not copy or attempt to copy THE SOFTWARE‘s installation disc in whole or in part. You will be deemed personally responsible for any illegal copies of THE SOFTWARE, or files created by it, which bear your Software‘s serial number or are otherwise traceable to your copy of THE SOFTWARE.


(c) You may install a single copy of THE SOFTWARE on another stand-alone computer system if and only if you first delete THE SOFTWARE from the computer on which it was previously installed.


(d) You will not decompile or otherwise attempt to reveal the source code or operation of THE SOFTWARE.


(e) You will not modify, adapt, rent, lease, loan, resell, distribute or create derivative works based on THE SOFTWARE or any part thereof unless expressly permitted above or in THE DOCUMENTATION.


(f) You will not copy THE DOCUMENTATION in whole or in part or store it in a retrieval system in any form, photocopying, recording, electronic or otherwise.


3. Term


This Licence is effective until you terminate it:


(a) by destroying your copy of THE SOFTWARE and Documentation, or

(b) by failing to comply with the conditions of this Licence.


4. Limited Warranty and Disclaimer


(a) THE SOFTWARE is supplied ‘as is‘ without warranty as to its specification except that it is of merchandisable quality.

(b) THE DEVELOPER will not be liable for any damage, loss of profits, goodwill or for any indirect or consequential loss arising from any use or misuse of THE SOFTWARE, even if THE DEVELOPER has been advised of the possibility of such loss.


These conditions supersede any prior agreement between you and THE DEVELOPER relating to THE SOFTWARE.



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