Statistic relays

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Statistic relays

The function allows to customize the method of obtaining statistics (number of connected listeners).


By default, statistics are taken from the broadcast server. This doesn’t require any additional setup.


You can also obtain statistics from another server. This can be useful, when broadcasting is maintained by one server, while listeners are connected to the other one: such situation is typical of distributed servers, or systems that support auto DJ, or multiple DJs broadcast from different locations.


To retrieve statistics without broadcasting to the server, on the Connection tab leave the Server field empty.


To obtain statistics from another server, click Settings -> Options in the menu -> choose Broadcast -> Double click the right connection to open it, and choose Statistics tab.




Select the Specify the server to get the statistics from.


Choose a server type – Shoutcast or Icecast; this is the type of server, from which statistics are obtained.


In the Server field, enter server address (without http://), e.g.:


Password is a server password, which is either admin password or broadcasting password, depending on the server. To retrieve global stats info from Icecast server, set the Password field to admin:PASSWORD (where PASSWORD is the admin password for Icecast server) and leave mount point field empty.


Mount/Stream ID is the mount name (which is necessary for Icecast) or stream ID for Shoutcast (if ID is not specified, total number of listeners at the server is returned).


If everything has been set up correctly, the statistics window shows number of listeners. Otherwise, an error message is returned in the table instead of number of listeners.