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Command line

Report Generator supports command line to allow automatically creating the reports. It can be called using the run scheduler command.


Command line format

ReportViewer.exe --create=Filename|Format|DateFrom|DateTo|Type



Filename - report file name with no extension

Format - CSV or PDF

DateFrom - starting report date in ISO format (YYYY-MM-DD, e.g. 2023-12-30)

DateTo - end report date in ISO format

Type - List or Playcount


End of the month (for DateTo parameter)

Specify 00 (two zeroes) as the day to specify end of the month, for instance: 2023-01-00 will convert to 2023-01-31. This is useful when the month is not known in advance, e.g. when using file name templates (see examples below).


Example command line

C:\Program Files\RadioBOSS\ReportViewer.exe --create=C:\report|PDF|2023-01-01|2023-01-31|List


Example using the "run" scheduler command (no need to specify full path to .exe file in this case)

run ReportViewer.exe --create=C:\report|PDF|2023-01-01|2023-01-31|List


Example using the "run" scheduler command with file name templates to create monthly reports automatically

run ReportViewer.exe --create=C:\report|PDF|?yyyy-?mm-01|?yyyy-?mm-00|List