Custom encoders

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Custom encoders

Custom encoders - allows you to add any custom encoders. RadioBOSS can use any command line encoder that supports input/output to console.




Encoder command line parameters can include the following variables (the values correspond to the encoder settings in RadioBOSS):

{SampleRate} - sample rate in Hz (e.g. 44100)

{KSampleRate} - sample rate in kHz (e.g. 44.1)

{Bitrate} - bitrate in kbps (e.g. 128)

{Channels} - number of channels (e.g. 2)


The encoder must be told (via the command-line) to expect input from STDIN, rather than a file, and to send output to STDOUT.


The MIME type depends on the encoder file format.


RadioBOSS sends 16-bit signed PCM data to encoder, Little-Endian.


Example: command line for lame.exe MP3 encoder

<path>\lame.exe -r -s {KSampleRate} -b {Bitrate} --resample {KSampleRate} - -


Example: command line for ffmpeg encoder to encode in mp3

<path>\ffmpeg.exe -loglevel -8 -f s16le -ac {Channels} -ar {SampleRate} -i - -f mp3 -c:a libmp3lame -b:a {Bitrate}k -


Example: command line to send uncompressed RAW PCM. pcmraw.exe encoder is located in the Plugins folder where you have installed RadioBOSS (default C:\Program Files (x86)\RadioBOSS)

C:\Program Files (x86)\RadioBOSS\Plugins\pcmraw.exe - -