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RadioBOSS enables broadcasting Internet radio for users who want to create their own internet radio station. It is possible to set up any number  of output streams, each with its own unique configuration. Broadcasting settings can be configured in the Settings dialog.




Please refer to the Broadcasting Internet radio topic for more information on how to set up broadcasting.


The Advanced button allows you to set additional broadcasting settings.


Proxy server - specify the proxy server for broadcasting. Leave this empty unless you understand what this setting is for. An incorrectly configured proxy server will block any connection attempts and broadcasting will not work. Important! The proxy server needs to support the HTTP "CONNECT" method.


Custom encoders - allows you to add any custom encoders. RadioBOSS can use any command line encoder that supports input/output to console.




Encoder command line parameters can include the following variables (the values correspond to the encoder settings in RadioBOSS):

{SampleRate} - sample rate in Hz (e.g. 44100)

{KSampleRate} - sample rate in kHz (e.g. 44.1)

{Bitrate} - bitrate in kbps (e.g. 128)

{Channels} - number of channels (e.g. 2)


The encoder must be told (via the command-line) to expect input from STDIN, rather than a file, and to send output to STDOUT.


The MIME type depends on the encoder file format.


RadioBOSS sends 16-bit signed PCM data to encoder, Little-Endian.


Example: command line for lame.exe MP3 encoder

<path>\lame.exe -r -s {KSampleRate} -b {Bitrate} --resample {KSampleRate} - -


Example: command line for ffmpeg encoder to encode in mp3

<path>\ffmpeg.exe -loglevel -8 -f s16le -ac {Channels} -ar {SampleRate} -i - -f mp3 -c:a libmp3lame -b:a {Bitrate}k -


Example: command line to send uncompressed RAW PCM. pcmraw.exe encoder is located in the Plugins folder where you have installed RadioBOSS (default C:\Program Files (x86)\RadioBOSS)

C:\Program Files (x86)\RadioBOSS\Plugins\pcmraw.exe - -