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RadioBOSS keeps a log of tracks that have been played. Moreover, the program can save the title of a track which is currently being played to a file and upload this file to a specified FTP server. The program can also use HTTP request to submit parameters of a current track to a specified URL address. The parameters include artist, title, duration, genre, album and other information. It can also send notifications of various events, such as errors, to an e-mail address.




To set up log file settings, follow these steps:


1. On the top menu bar, select Settings > Options...


2. Click Reports.


By default, the reporting feature is enabled. You can set the program to include a track number into a report and change the folder to save reports.


Optionally, you can set the program to save the title of a track which is being played (nowplaying.txt) to a file and upload it to an FTP server. Track name is saved to the file in the format specified in View – Title format.


The Save artwork turns on artwork export. The artwork will be saved as a PNG image and resized to be at most 400 pixels in size. If a track does not have artwork embedded, no cover art will be saved. If you want to specify cover art image for tracks with no artwork, place the nocover.png file to the settings folder (to open the folder, use the Settings->Open Settings Folder menu command).


Include Next Track info - if enabled, the nowplaying.txt file will contain the next track information as well.


3. To set up an FTP server connection parameters, click the FTP Settings... button.


The program also allows using HTTP request to send current track information to a specific URL address. It can also send notifications of various events such as: server connect and disconnect, silence detector actions, errors.


Please see this page: Using notifications.


4. Click OK.


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