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RadioBOSS allows users to customize many options as personal preferences.


To customize the general settings:

On the top menu bar, select Settings > Options...


The Settings dialog opens.




In the General window, users can customize these settings:


Start with Windows

Run RadioBOSS at Windows startup. The Startup options window allows you to set the program launch delay and modify a few other settings.

Restart the program if it crashes or hangs

Program will be auto-restarted in case of fatal error, crash or hang. The playback will be resumed automatically.

Ask on close

A confirmation box will appear when you close RadioBOSS.

Start playlist

Play first track in playlist when RadioBOSS is launched.

Resume playback

Resume playback when RadioBOSS is launched.

Place button in the taskbar

Put the RadioBOSS button in the taskbar. By default, the option is checked.

Sort Playlist by column click

Sort a playlist by clicking on the columns (#, Start time, Title, Intro, Outro, Time, etc.).

Sort scheduled events list by column click

Sort scheduled events list by clicking on the columns.

Additional information storage location

Set the location where additional track information (playcount, last played, additional tag fields, ...) is stored.



Track Tag (APEv2) - default

Database (SQLite)


For more information please refer to this page.

Cache file tags

Enable caching for tag and duration information. This allows to speed up music track processing when adding tracks to a playlist, generating a playlist, processing sweepers, building music libraries etc.


The option is only available when "Additional track information storage" is set to Database option.

Remember playlist file names

If checked the playlist file names for all playlist tabs will be preserved between sessions.

Do not remove scheduled tracks from the playlist on exit

When you exit the program, the scheduled tracks will not be removed from

the playlist.

Remove stop commands after execution

Remove "stop" commands from the playlist after they are executed.

Music library folder

Specify a folder where Music Library files will be stored. Libraries from this folder will appear in Libraries list in Search

Voice track folder

Folder where voice tracks are saved. Only files from this folder are treated as voice tracks.

Advanced configuration...

Fine-tune RadioBOSS settings.


Select a priority for RadioBOSS. High priority is recommended for smooth playback, this is the default setting.

"X" button action

Set an action to be taken after clicking the Close button in the upper-right corner.

Volume scale

Select a volume scale look.