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The Playlist menu allows users to perform operations on a playlist.




Description of menu entries:


Playlist Generator Pro...

Open Playlist Generator Pro

Add file...

Add a file to the playlist

Add folder...

Add all tracks from a specified folder to the playlist

Add URL...

Add an URL address to the playlist to play a network stream or podcast

Add command...

Add a command to the playlist

Add timed pause...

Add timed pause (a window will open where you can set the duration)

Add teaser...

Add Teaser

Add time announcement...

Add automatic time announcement

Add comment...

Add comment to the playlist. Comments are for the convenience only, they are not played.

Add Line Input...

Add a line input to the playlist. This menu item will be hidden if no device is selected for Line.In in Settings

Insert playlist

Insert a playlist to the current playlist - the playlist will appear as one track and will be opened up on playback

Add tracks from playlist...

Add tracks from a playlist to the current playlist

Insert voice track...

Insert voice track into playlist, voice tracks are recorded using Voice Track recording tool

Record voice track...

Open Voice Track recording tool

Add Track List...

Add Track List

Track List Repeat Protection...

Configure no-repeat rules for Track List feature


Add Text-to-Speech...

Read custom text.

Add DTMF tone generator

Add DTMF tone generator.

Show Duplicates

Show duplicate tracks in the playlist. Option

Show nonexistent files

Mark non-existent files in the playlist


Shuffle tracks in the playlist

Reload tracks information

Force reloading tags and additional information for all tracks in the playlist.

Copy to folder...

Copy selected files to a folder. If all tracks in a playlist are selected, copied tracks will have a number (track number) in the file name. This way, you can keep the same track order in the folder as in the playlist.

Delete files from disk

Delete selected files from disk. Use with care

Playlist Generator...

(deprecated) Open old Playlist Generator

Reset played state

Reset "played" state for tracks in the playlist window

Sweeper repeat protection

Repeat protection for scheduler Sweepers


Open Notepad to add note to the track. The note will pop up every time the track is played. Right-click the notepad window to change its mode of operation (per-track note or sticky note).


Search in playlist


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