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RadioBOSS allows users to configure the microphone and line-in settings. These settings are used when the line input is played with the Line.IN file, for MIC button and DTMF signal detection.


To configure the microphone and line-in settings, follow these steps:

1. On the menu bar, select Settings > Options...

The Settings dialog opens.


2. Click Input.




MIC button

In this section, you set how the "MIC" button operates. The button is located in the bottom right corner of the main window.


Click Change... and select the appropriate Driver (DirectSound/WASAPI/ASIO/Windows Mixer) and Device - the sound card you want to use.


Note, that it is not recommended to use the "Windows mixer control", as the sound from the microphone will not go on air if RadioBOSS is used to broadcast to the Internet. However, if an external application is used to broadcast, the Windows mixer can be used.


Music level - playlist level when the microphone is on. Fade in/out sets how fast the volume is changed. Level -50dB and below silence the music completely.


Mic Amplifier - increase the microphone volume. If your microphone is too quiet, also check the sound card settings (click Preview to test the setting).


Push-to-Talk - enable Push-to-Talk mode of operation for the Mic button (the microphone works as long as you keep the button pressed down).


Output to encoders only - when enabled, you won't hear yourself in the speakers/monitors. But listeners connecting to your station will hear you. If the echo is still present, disable microphone monitoring in the sound card properties. If this option is on, we recommend alsoturning on the option “Produce silent output when nothing is playing” in the playback settings.


Voice activated - when this feature is enabled, the microphone will be turned on automatically when someone speaks into it.


The DSP button lets you assign different effects for the microphone. The "Apply main DSP to microphone" controls if music DSP is also applied to microphone.

You can also assign effects for the microphone by right-clicking the MIC button. Please note that you cannot use the same Winamp and VST plugins already used for music DSP.


Mic bed - set the bed to play when the mic is activated.


Line Inputs

Furthermore, users can select a driver and device for LINE.IN.


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