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To customize DTMF detector settings:

On the top menu bar, select Settings > Options...

Select DTMF category.





Check DTMF on

Select the source where DTMF signals will be checked - one of the linear inputs or network stream URL.

Minimum DTMF signal level

Specify the minimum threshold for DTMF signal.

DTMF checking frame

Specify the time frame during which RadioBOSS will look for DTMF tones. The "before" and "after" options are related to the event start time.

Delay event startup

Delay the event startup when DTMF is detected (seconds).

Skip DTMF exit if any of the following file type are playing

When DTMF Exit is detected, it will let selected file types continue playing (e.g. commercials) instead of interrupting the event. The rest of the items inserted by the same event will be removed from the playlist.


For more information on DTMF please refer to this topic: Starting events by DTMF signal