Starting events by DTMF signal

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Starting events by DTMF signal

Scheduled events can also be started by a DTMF signal. It is useful when you need to rebroadcast another station and insert regional advertisement blocks: DTMF can be used for synchronization.


DTMF configuration


First, select a source where DTMF will be checked. In the Settings window, select DTMF tab.

Select an input (Input1/Input 2) or URL. If you selected “URL,” enter a network stream URL; RadioBOSS will connect to that URL and look for DTMF tones in the stream.


RadioBOSS will automatically activate or deactivate the DTMF detector when necessary.


Setting up events


In the event properties window, check the DTMF check box and enter a DTMF sequence (e.g. “764C”). When this sequence is detected, the event will start.


RadioBOSS starts to look for a DTMF tone 5 minutes before the event start time and ends 5 minutes after the event start time. The time frame can be adjusted in the DTMF tab in the Settings. For example, if the event is supposed to start at 01:00:00, DTMF will be checked from 00:55:00 to 01:05:00. If no DTMF is detected within that time frame, the event will be launched at the end of the DTMF checking window - in the example, at 01:05:00. To avoid this, check the DTMF Only checkbox: in this case, the events will be started by DTMF only. If no DTMF tone is detected, the scheduled event will not start.


To end an event by a DTMF signal, check the “End DTMF” check box and enter a DTMF sequence.


Multiple DTMF signals can be specified for Start and End DTMF, e.g. “764C, 1D56” - in this case the event will be started by either “764C” or “1D56” tone.