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The View menu allows users to switch to different viewing modes, such as File explorer, Search, Information, FX, Broadcasting statistics, etc.




Description of menu entries:


File explorer

Open a file explorer window


Open a search window


Open a scheduler


Open an FX control panel

Work Zones

Configure the number of work zones. Second and third work zone will appear at the right and can host File explorer, Search, Cart wall, AUX Player and Web browser

Track Information

Turn on/off Track Information panel under the playlist

Left panel

Show/hide left panel

MIC and VU meter in the centre

Show/hide MIC and VU meter in the centre

Status bar

Show/hide status bar

Tool bar

Show/hide toolbar

Top panel

Full/Minimal/Hide top panel

Full Screen

Switch to full-screen mode

Colors and Fonts...

Change playlist colors and fonts

Playlist columns...

Configure playlist columns

Playlist auto-scroll

Automatically scroll playlist to the playing track

Selection follows playback

When checked, currently playing track will be selected automatically

Track information follows playback

Update the Track Information tab with current track information

Accessibility (Screen Reader)

Turn on/off accessibility mode - improve UI accessibility for Screen Reader users


Select a language for the user interface