Additional information storage

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Additional information storage

Additional information consists of various track properties that RadioBOSS uses in its operation. This information includes: playback count (playcount), last played date, additional track properties (gender, language, BPM, etc), user defined tag fields and some other information.


There are several ways to store the additional information:

Tag (APEv2)

Database (SQLite) - the default

Database (MySQL) - requires MySQL (from version 3.21 up to version 8.0.23) or MariaDB (from version 5.5 up to version 10.6); recommended to use MariaDB.


File (subfolder)


All methods have their pros and cons. No configuration is required for APEv2, SQLite, or File storage methods. MySQL option requires a MySQL or MariaDB server, the connection details need to be entered into RadioBOSS. The storage method is configured in the settings. Switching between the storage methods is always possible, please see this guide for details.


Storing information in an APEv2 tag



oThe information is persistent, as it's stored in the music file: when you copy or move a file, the information is preserved

oNo additional files are created



oThe music file is modified each time it's played (to update playcount and other data)

oNot all music files support APEv2, in this case NTFS alternate data streams are used to save the data. Currently NTFS strerams are used for FLAC, WAV, DSF, DFF files.

oRequires write access to music files which is not always possible or desired, especially when network storage is used


Storing information in SQLite or MySQL database



oMusic tracks are not modified as information is stored externally

oCan be used with read-only music folders, e.g. network folders, read-only NAS access

oFaster operation: loading information from the database is much faster than reading the file tag

oMySQL database allows working with music library from different computers. Important! File paths have to be the same on all computers. E.g. if a network drive with music is mounted, it needs to be mounted under the same drive letter on all computers.

oSQLite: you can use a shared (among all RadioBOSS installations on one computer) database or a dedicated database for each installation. Press the Settings button in the General area to configure it. The default is to use a shared database.



oThe information is linked to the music track via its file path, if the file is moved or renamed, the information will be lost.

oMySQL database: file names, including path, must not exceed 767 characters.



oMySQL: if you get an error about "caching_sha2_password" please execute the following SQL command in MySQL Command Line Client (change root to your user name, and password to the user's password):

ALTER USER 'root'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED WITH mysql_native_password BY 'password';


Storing information in File / File (subfolder)



oEasy to backup or copy/move to another computer. The information is stored in an additional file with .rbdata extension in the same location as the music file (i.e. for "Track01.mp3", additional file will be named as "Track01.mp3.rbdata"). When storage is set to "File (subfolder)", all .rbdata files are stored in the .rbdata subfolder.

oNo database is required and music files are not modified



oAn additional file (about 0.5 KB) is created for each music file