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Settings for crossfades, cart wall and voice tracking.




Do not fade out tracks when playlist is in manual mode

When "Stop after this track" button is pressed, the tracks will not be faded out

Do not crossfade short tracks

Tracks shorter than 45 seconds will not be crossfaded

Fade out on Stop

Fade out starts when you click the Stop button. You can stop the track immediately (without fading) by double-clicking the Stop button.

Fade out on next track

Fade out when the Next Track button is clicked.

Crossfade curve shape

Curve shape for the crossfades.


Linear - the music volume is changed linearly.



Parabola Down (default) - the music volume follows the downward parabola shape.



Parabola Up - the music volume follows the upward parabola shape.



Cart wall

Set the Cart Wall playback parameters

Voice Tracking

Controls voice track playback