Generating multiple playlists

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Generating multiple playlists

The playlist generator allows you to create several playlists at once. It uses a shared track no-repetition buffer, which makes it possible to use long no-repetition intervals (e.g. several days). To create multiple playlists, select the Generate multiple playlists option.




A window with playlist generation options will appear:




To create playlists, select the presets to be used by clicking the "+" button. For each preset, you need to specify the name of the file it will be saved to. All playlists are saved to a specified folder.


The "Number of playlists" option defines the number of playlists to be created for each preset on the list. If the number of playlists is greater than 1, you need to use modifiers in the file name.


File name modifiers:

%n - a number with no leading zeros (1, 2, ... 10, ... 100).

%nn - a number padded with one leading zero (01, 02, ..., 10, 100).

%nnn - a number padded with two leading zeroes (001, 002, ..., 010, 100)


For example, if you run multiple playlist generation with the "Number of playlists" set to 1 and "Start number" set to 1, you'll have 5 playlists in the D:\Music folder:







Clicking the arrow next to the Generate button lets you perform some additional actions:


Create event - add an event to RadioBOSS scheduler to create and save playlists.


Copy command line - copy the command line to create and save playlists.