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On the “Filters” tab, you can set additional filters for tracks, such as year, rating and track duration. Filter values work inclusively.


Filter by year

For the filter by year, you can use now and prev, which is current and previous year, respectively.


Filter by comments

One or several words are defined in the filter. If any of them is found in a track's comments, the track will pass the filter. You can also define mandatory words using the REQUIRE keyword. Exclude tracks using the NOT keyword. Keywords in track tags should be separated with a comma (,) or semicolon (;): slow, moody, 80s.


For example: bass, synth, REQUIRE 90s, NOT slow - select tracks containing bass or synth in comments, definitely contain 90s and do not contain slow.


Filter by genre

One or more genres are defined for track selection. To select several genres, list them through a comma: pop, rock (in this case, Pop or Rock tracks will also be in the category). Tracks without a genre are excluded.


Filter by gender

Filter tracks by the "Gender" field. You can specify multiple options by separating them with a comma.


Filter by language

One or more languages are specified for track selection. To specify multiple languages, they must be separated by commas.