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To customize Relay settings:

On the top menu bar, select Settings > Options...

Select Relay category.




Wait for the current track to finish

When the relay stream becomes active, it will not be played immediately but wait for the current playing track to finish.

Max time to wait

Maximum time to wait for the current track to finish, when the time elapses, relay playback will start.

Relay title format

Title format when relay is active. Can include any custom text.

The %relaytitle variable holds the title from the relayed stream.

Playlist fade out (fade in) when relay starts (stops)

Fading settings for smooth transition between playlist and relay.

Relay fade in

Fade in when relay starts

Playlist volume when relay is connected

Set the playlist voluime when relay is active and connected

Start next song when the relay stops

Start the next song in the playlist when the relay stops

Silence Threshold

Silence Duration

Silence detector settings when relay is considered inactive. Only applied when relaying linear input and not used when relaying network stream.