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To customize Scheduler settings:

On the top menu bar, select Settings > Options...

Select Scheduler category.




Playlist fade in/fade out duration while starting an Overlay event - Set the fade type for scheduler events with Overlay Playback option or Jingles. This option controls how smooth the playlist volume change would be.


Scheduler event flashing time - Set the time for a scheduled task to flash in the Coming Up Next window before its playback starts.


Maximum time to generate playlist by schedule - Timeout when using the "Generate" command in the scheduler event. If a playlist is not generated within the specified timeout, the playlist generator is aborted. Usually 10 seconds is enough.


Do not start any scheduled events when the playlist is currently paused - If the playlist is currently paused, the event will not be started.


Do not start scheduled events when MIC is on - If the MIC is on, the event will not be started.


Sweeper selection: allowed duration deviation (sec) - When selecting sweepers before scheduled events, allow the sweeper duration to be larger by up to set amount.