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The Settings menu allows users to save and load settings profiles, customize hot keys and preferences.




Description of menu entries:


Save profile

Save a current settings profile

Save profile as...

Save a current settings profile as...

Load profile

Load a settings profile

Save profile on exit

Save a settings profile automatically when the program is closed. By default, the option is checked.

Periodically save profile

Periodically save profile, select how often.

Open Settings folder

Opens the folder where RadioBOSS stores its settings and other data.

Open Reports folder

Opens the folder with reports. Report is a .csv file that stores the log of program operation: what tracks were played, when, which scheduled tasks were started and other events.

Settings backup and restore

Create a backup copy of settings: profile, playlists, scheduled events and other settings in a single file

Hot keys

Customize hot keys


Configure crossfades


Open the Settings dialog


More information:

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