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To improve the quality of the playlist, you can configure different repeat playback protection rules on the "Settings" tab:




Do not repeat artist for ... - sets the period of no repetition for a particular artist, in minutes.


Related artists - allow you to prohibit the playback of songs by related artists. This option is used in situations where an artists is known under several stage names or when the same artists performs independently and as part of a band. To configure this function, click the "+" button in the "Related artists" window, add an artist and click "OK". Once done, open (double-click or right-click on "Edit") the new artist and enter related artists, one name per line, in the new window.






Multiple artists - repeat protection for multiple artists listed through a separator. For instance, if the artist is Metallica feat. Aphaville, the individual artists (Metallica, Alphaville) will not be repeated, including when they are listed with another artist. E.g. Metallica feat. Michael Jackson will also be considered as a repeated artist.




Matching rules (Consider artists identical if their names match for ... %) - do not repeat artists with similar names. Adjust the accuracy of relatedness calculation. You can test the feature by clicking the “Test” button, entering some artists and seeing how similar they appear, in percent:




Do not repeat track for... – sets the no-repeat periodicity of a track, in minutes.


Do not repeat album for... – sets the no-repeat periodicity of an album, in minutes.


Only compare albums from the same artist - the "do not repeat album for" rule can only be set for one artist.


Do not repeat title for – sets the no-repeat periodicity of a track name (for instance, in situations when different artists’ tracks have the same title).


Use the Last Played tag- activates protection against repeats using the "Last Played" tag.


Repeat protection: Take into accounts tracks in the playlist window - factors in the rule for not repeating tracks that are on the playlist window in RadioBOSS.


On error, create an empty playlist - creates an empty playlist if an error occurs in the process of generating a playlist. If this option is turned off, when error occur the categories can be skipped; in case when there are many errors, the resulting playlist duration can be less that configured. "Error" means that the playlist generator is unable to find a track that meets all the criteria (repeat protection rules, filters etc).


Filter non playable tracks - filters out tracks that can't be played (e.g. corrupted tracks, tracks with zero duration, unsupported file format etc).


Amount of track overlap – consider the duration of crossfades.


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