Virtual Sound Cards

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Virtual Sound Cards

RadioBOSS allows you to use one or several virtual sound cards (the number of cards is unlimited). Virtual cards are integrated into the program and require no separate installation. You can add, delete and enable/disable them in RadioBOSS playback and recording settings.


What is a virtual sound card and what do I need it for?


Virtual cards help redirect sound from one program to another. For instance, you can put a Skype call on air or redirect sound from a satellite receiver or FM tuner to a program. Each virtual card is a paired input/output: what enters the output (for example, the card is selected as a playback device in some program) can be sent to the input (for example, by selecting a corresponding device as a linear input in RadioBOSS).


Virtual cards are provided by VB-Audio Software (

The VB-CABLE is donationware (all participations are welcome).