Title format variables

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Title format variables

The variables that can be used in title format settings or when using notifications:


%artist - song artist

%title - song title

%casttitle - track title in the playlist (Notifications only)

%album - album name

%year - year

%comment - comment

%genre - song genre

%len - song duration (mm:ss)

%seconds - song duration in seconds

%filename - song file name without path

%filename_ext - song file name with extension, without path

%path - full file path

%playcount - play counter

%listeners - listener number (currently connected listeners)

%showname  -  name of the current program or show (set using the command set %showname=TEXT)

%bpm - playing track BPM

%yyyy or %yy, %mm or %m, %dd or %d - current date

%hh or %h, %nn, %ss, %ampm - current time; if %ampm presents, the hour is displayed in 12 hour format, and %ampm is changed to AM or PM.

%nextsong - next song title (as shown in the playlist)

%xmldata - current and (if enabled for the nowplaying file) next song information in XML form (Notifications only)

%artwork - currently playing track artwork in PNG format, base64-encoded (Notifications only); recommended to use with POST request type because of large data size. The Save Artwork option must be enabled for this variable to work.

%user1 ... %user5 - custom user fields


The title format string can include any number of the variables listed above along with any custom text or special characters.