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File Types

RadioBOSS allows you to set up file types for particular types of tracks. For each file type, you can specify the color in the playlist, crossfade parameters, and amplifying level for playback (-20 to +20 dB). Files that do not belong to any file type are treated as "Music" for crossfading.


Assigning tracks to file types possible in different ways:


1. Folder based. Specify the folder in File type folder field. If the folder is specified, all tracks in this folder (and sub-folders) are considered to be tracks of the given type.


2. Use identifier. An identifier is a word or a sequence of characters that assigns a file to a particular type. Identifier should be included in the tag information or filename: RadioBOSS looks for an identifier in the tag area (artist/title) or the filename if a file has no tags. It's not recommended to use short identifiers which can appear as a part of regular track's titles - for instance, if your identifier is "id", it can be found in the track called "The Beatles - Everybody's Got Something to Hide". The solution would be to use "id:" (add a colon before and/or after the identifier) or choose another identifier.


Identifiers for special playlist item types

Network stream

:// (or any part of the address, for example, domain name)

Playlist comment


Hour marker


Automatic time announcement




Text to speech




Line input or or .in


3. You can use the Track Tool to assign a track for a particular file type. You can set the file type for multiple tracks at the same time via Music Library.


For example: The first group is named “Commercial”. Its identifier is “Commercial”, the color is set to red, and the amplifying level is set to +5dB. In this case, all tracks containing the identifier "Commercial" in tags (title/artist) or filename will be displayed red in the playlist and played louder than other tracks. The file will be mixed according to the crossfade parameters configured for the “Commercial” group in the Crossfades window.




File type options:



File type name


File type identifier

Look for identifier in

RadioBOSS looks for an identifier in the tag area (artist/title) or the filename if a file has no tags

File Type folder

Define file type folder. All tracks found in this folder (and in sub-folders) will be considered tracks of a given type.

Color in playlist

Coloring of the tracks of this type in the playlist. Click the box to change the colors


Change the level to amplify or lower the level when a track of this type is played

Include tracks of this type in report

Controls whether tracks of this type should be included in the report

Treat as a Voice track

If checked, tracks of this type will be treated as Voice Tracks

Do not send title to the server

This option allows you to not send the track's name to the server. Enabling this option also prevents nowplaying notifications.

Use custom title format

Specify a custom broadcasting title format for this file type. Please see this page for details.

Use bed for playback

A bed can be set, which will play in the background

Skip after scheduled tracks

After the event is completed, the selected file type in the playback queue will not be played back


Skip after file types

Skip before file types

Do not play before or after selected file types

Do not update playcount

Playcount will not be increased and last played tag will not be set for tracks of this file type



To set up a new file type, follow these steps:


1. On the top menu bar, select Settings > Options...


2. Click File Types.


3. Enter the name of a new file type into the Name field.


4. Enter the identifier of a file type into the Identifier field.


5. Select background and font colors.


6. Move the Amp slider to set the amplification level if needed.


7. Click OK.


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