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Voiceovers - insert a voice at the indicate position in the music track.




Set a place to insert the voiceover in Track Tool.

Once the place for the voiceover has been set, press "..." in Track Tool to adjust the voiceover's parameters. You can listen to the insertion point by right-clicking on "...".


Voiceover parameters


Voice insert - choose a file or folder containing voiceovers. If you choose a folder, a random file will be selected from it every time.

Position - sets the marker mode. Start - the voiceover will begin at the selected place. End - the voiceover will end at the selected place.

Probability - set the probability of voiceover playback.


For a track with a voiceover, the voiceover is shown in pink in the "On Air" window.




Voiceovers can be enabled or disabled (for example, they can be disabled for nighttime broadcasts) using the scheduler commands: enablevo, disablevo.