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Voiceovers allow to insert a voice at the indicated position in the music track. Voiceovers are configured using Track Tool - set the Voice Ins mark and edit voiceover parameters (press the "..." button). You can prelisten the voiceover by right-clicking the "..." button.


Voiceovers can be enabled or disabled (for example, they can be disabled for nighttime broadcasts) using the scheduler commands: enablevo, disablevo.


Voiceover parameters window





Voice insert - choose a file or folder containing voiceovers. If you choose a folder, a random file will be selected from it every time.

Position - sets the insertion position. Start - the voiceover will begin at the selected place. End - the voiceover will end at the selected place.

Probability - set the probability of voiceover playback.

Playback level - playback level of the voice insert.

Do not play after - set voiceover expiration date.


For a track with a voiceover, the voiceover is shown in pink in the "On Air" window.